So, there are certain awards that go around on the blog like the Liebster Awards, the Sunshine Blogger Awards etc.
I don’t do these award posts because I just want to deliver my work. But I’ve been thinking lately that it’ll be unfair to the bloggers I could’ve nominated. So this is just a post for thanking the people who have nominated me, and for nominating a fellow blogger for every award I’ve skipped.
Thank you “The Tale Of An Unlikely Warrior“, “The Dream Girl Writes” and “Memoirs In Coal” for the Liebster awards. Thank you “The Sehrish Thing” and “Little Lost One” for the Sunshine Blogger awards. Do check them out!

My nominations (Type of award, link to the post for rules)

Thank you for the amazing work you’re putting out here!

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Kudos ∞


  1. Thank you Utsav! Though honestly I’m not sure exactly what this is… I really appreciate it. It’s a nice encouragement for a new blogger like me! It goes without saying, I love your work.

    Cheers 🍻 🙂


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